Karen K Redding Ph.D.

Exploring our ‘Best Home’

In the development of meditation, it is said that what will come (over time when we meditate) is positive divine qualities that get cultivated/nourished in the heart.  This idea is expressed as the Brahma Vihara also known as the Four Immeasureables (in Sanskrit).  The word Brahma means ‘supreme’/ ‘heavenly’ or essentially the BEST.  Vihara means ‘abode’/’dwelling’ or home, so taken together Brahma Vihara means our BEST HOME…the place where we feel most ourselves – most whole.

This is an 8 Week Class aimed at cultivating the Wise heart, the Awakened Heart, the Open Heart.  We will explore a particular quality (e.g. Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative joy, and Equanimity) over an 8 Week time period, integrating Teachings, Practice, and Contemplative Dialogue.

The practice of meditation (like being a good parent; good friend; good teacher) involves a deep process of listening.  If we sit and open our hearts to feel our fears; greed, anger, prejudice, love, joy…ALL OF IT…we learn to ‘house’ these qualities in ourselves – our ‘BEST HOME.’

The cost of the class series is $500 (a sliding fee is available, given specific need).  The class includes 8 two hour classes, a written Recap and audio guided meditations to guide ways that these teachings can be learned and embodied.

To find out more and to sign up please contact me here.