Karen K Redding Ph.D.

Sitting Groups

…’Enough.  These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here.  This opening to the life we have refused again & again, until now…Until NOW.’

David Whyte


When: Last Monday of each month. 7 – 9 PM.

Where:  We will meet in the delightful OM Studio Laguna Beach located at 332 Forest Ave., #28.  Parking is available in an adjacent lot or on the street.

We will start with a short check in and get acquainted.  A 30 minute sitting meditation will follow with (some) guidance followed by a 15 minute walking meditation.  I will give a short talk.  We will end with a period of discussion either about the talk or about your mindfulness practice.

The group is donation based.  If this is within your means, we suggest a donation of $15.  Your donation is warmly appreciated and helps us to support our Program.

Level: All levels (with some meditation experience)

Cost: Recommended $15

Items to bring: Mats and cushions are available although you can bring your own. There are some chairs. Dress comfortably. 

If you are interested to attend please contact me here.


When: Mid month Saturday morning, 9-10 AM.

Where: We will Sit at the NORTH end of Main Beach in Laguna, just below the gazebo, near Las Brisas Mexican restaurant (located at 361 Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach) .

You take the walkway down to the beach just below Las Brisas and turn right towards the end of the beach there.  Please RSVP and let me know if you are planning to attend (just bring a beach chair or blanket…the sounds are quite suitable for meditating), and I will meet you at the gazebo to walk down together.  I have been meditating in this spot for some time and it is ‘just right.’ Looking forward to being together in this way.

May the goodness of our intentions serve to further actions of freedom and kindness with ourselves, with our loved ones, with beings known and unknown, in all worlds, and all directions…indoors and outdoors…beach and beyond.

If you are interested to attend please contact me here.