Karen K Redding Ph.D.

Year Long Dharma Studies and Practice Group

This is a year long Course, more suitable for someone who wants to expand their knowledge and deepen their Practice within a community of like-minded people.  Our focus will be on Cultivating and Deepening a Path through the exploration of the Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths, the Precepts, and the Paramis.

Specific attention will be directed at how we can develop the Path (more fully); cultivate the growing capacity to recognize and release suffering; and come to realize the protection inherent in the Precepts, aimed towards sustainable happiness and peace.

We will explore how these teachings interact and relate, primarily through a direct and felt experience of our meditation, daily life experience, dialogue and reflection.

The group meets Monthly, generally on a Friday afternoon for 3 hours.

We make use of study guides, articles, and books. Recaps of each class are provided with audio guided meditations and readings.

Area of Inquiry:  Cultivating a Path, both On and Off the Cushion

Cost:  $75/ month (sliding fee available)

To find out more and to sign up contact me here.