Karen K Redding Ph.D.

Papua New Guinea

The Sing Sing is a tribal festival held annually in Papua New Guinea. The people dress up and it becomes a natural playground to create and play with our human bio-diversity. To find our voice and speak our truth is to create that which exceeds our individual self.


Huli Drummers: Papua New Guinea

I spent some time watching these Huli men perform dances with their tribe in Papua New Guinea. I imagine that they could sense how much I appreciated their way of moving to the sounds of the drums and bodies swaying. Their rhythm invited me into a stance that felt timeless and present.



Mud Man: Papua New Guinea

The Sing Sing festival in Mount Hagen, PNG becomes a natural playground to create and play with our human bio-diversity. I imagine this man to say: Who am I? I am everything and everyone that has been. I am an extension of the world; a piece of infinity.

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MG_7425-Huli-Men-in-Line-12-05-11 MG_7506-Mud-Woman-12-05-11